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Jupiter’s magnetic field is dependent on the wind

The researchers compared data from past NASA missions to Jupiter. Probe Juno in orbit around the gas giant in 2016, found a noticeable change of its magnetic field, compared with the pattern that was was a “Pioneer” and “Voyager” in the 70-ies of the last century. Obviously, this puts Jupiter …

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The Earth was a powerful magnetic storm

Storm fifth points are extremely rare. On planet Earth was the largest magnetic storm in the last two years. Scientist connects natural phenomenon with the increased activity of the Sun. Bogachev noted that the magnetic storm has the third level on a scale. “Storm fifth points are extremely rare, once …

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On the Ground recorded a powerful magnetic storm

A similar strength storm, according to experts, was not observed for quite a long time. Scientists from the laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun FIAN recorded on Tuesday, may 14, powerful for half a year magnetic storm that struck Earth. Took her to the third-level categories. This is stated …

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Found evidence of the existence of a magnetic monopole

The magnetic monopole can exist not only as a mathematical abstraction. Scientists have discovered traces of a magnetic monopole — the magnetic field source, the existence of which denies modern physics. The study is published in the journal Science. Electric and magnetic components of the electromagnetic field are described by …

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The strongest magnetic storm will cover the Earth

The most powerful magnetic storm is attacking Earth on December 18. December will be filled with magnetic storms. First, we should expect 4 to 7 numbers. The next storm this month is to be expected from 11 to 13 December. Long solar winds have a negative impact on the health …

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