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Doctors have debunked popular myths about cellulite

Медики развенчали популярные мифы о целлюлитеExperts told, what actually constitutes cellulite.

Cellulite is one of the main problems modern women, which many are struggling in vain, and someone was lucky they never encountered a term such as “orange peel” on the thighs and other parts of the body. It turns out that these lucky ladies only 2%, the remaining 98% have these unfortunate “bumps” on the body.

Cosmetologists have hit the jackpot when the vast majority of care for themselves women rushed to them for help, so they got rid of cellulite. But not so efficient some of the procedures as I would like.

Experts told the whole truth about cellulite and debunk the most popular myths about him:

Cellulite does not happen in men. This is misleading, because the increase of the female hormone estrogen in the blood of men leads to the fact that he becomes a hostage of cellulite, as women.

When losing weight, cellulite disappears. In particular, this is true, but to completely get rid of “orange peel” still will not work. Just cellulite it is hardly noticeable when the person is much thinner.

Fat women have cellulite, and skinny – no. In fact, and so that group of ladies can have bumps on the hips, just fat women they are more visible.

Beauty treatments and cellulase (operation) allow you to forget about cellulite. Experts also claim that none of the existing treatments are not capable to eliminate cellulite, is that effective is massage, because with it, broken beneath the skin unevenly accumulated fat cells, tissues, and lymph, which actually led to the cellulite. But the massage effect is too long, although if held for 10 days 2 times a year, it will be possible to forget about the cellulite at all.

Cellulite can be “removed” with the help of anti-cellulite cream. In fact, it is also possible, as with other cosmetic procedures. Only in this case, the cellulite will disappear in a few months or a few years, but only for 2-3 hours. The fact is that all anti-cellulite creams and gels contain light-reflecting particles, which, when applied to the skin, it visually smooth. And when the girl take a shower, the cellulite will reappear.

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