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Doctors have called the most dangerous kind of drink for a human

Врачи назвали самый опасный вид выпивки для человекаFrom alcohol in such a place should be abandoned forever.

In Independent research published by scientists from Australia, have established that the habit to drink alcohol in front of the TV in a state of extreme threat. Doctors said that in these circumstances dramatically increases the likelihood of premature death.

After analyzing health records of over 8 900 people and comparing them with the way of life of the surveyed people, the experts concluded: time in front of the TV in the company of alcohol to 12% increases the risk of developing systemic inflammation, against which the occur of dangerous diseases, including cancer.

“Drinking alcohol in front of the TV increases the chance of premature death associated with inflammation,” stated in the end, the project Manager, Megan grace.

The study was initiated in 1999. Then after collecting information, the researchers again conducted a survey of participants after 7 years and to compare the obtained information. They found that people who spend in front of TV more than 4 hours per day, 80% more likely to experience cardiovascular diseases.

The manner of drinking, sitting in front of the TV, greatly aggravates the adverse processes in the body, said doctors. Also, according to them, it is dangerous to combine watching TV and eating sweets and junk food.

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