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Doctors have called the most dangerous hot cereal

Врачи назвали самую опасную кашу быстрого приготовленияUsual oatmeal threat.

Undoubtedly, oatmeal healthy stomach and body in General. But only if it’s not cereal.

Oatmeal, tea bags with fruit flavor – no more than another marketing ploy. Consumers like this idea: it would seem that unlike instant noodles, oatmeal is so good and full of vitamins, and is MSG – pieces of fruit.

Cereal lose almost all their benefits at the heat treatment is, therefore, to believe that it contains vitamins – is silly. In addition, the abundance of sugar and flavors that you will surely find in the “clover” bag is simply amazing. As a result, instead of useful nutrients of the product we obtained a sugar bomb, lacking any use.

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