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Doctors have called the best products for the improvement of intestinal microflora

Врачи назвали лучшие продукты для оздоровления кишечной микрофлорыWhat to eat to restore the intestinal microflora.

Researchers from Belgium reported in the journal Science the results of a large-scale study on factors influence on bacterial health of the gastrointestinal tract. From a healthy diversity of microflora in the digestive tract affect the immune system, metabolism and nervous activity of man, stated the experts.

Researchers from the Catholic University of Louvain studied that affect the balance between different types of microbes of the gastrointestinal tract. To this end, they analyzed the composition of the microflora at 4 thousand people living in a number of countries. In 95% of samples were found common to all bacteria (total accumulated 664 kinds of bacteria).

Exploring the factors influencing bacterial diversity, which depends on human health, the authors came to the conclusion that the biggest impact it has diet. In particular, the researchers concluded that the bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract like products such as fruits, vegetables, yogurts (generally, dairy). It also appeared that the diversity of the microflora increases the tea, coffee and wine.

“Carbohydrate food as well as chips, popcorn and sugary drinks was predictable harmful to microflora, but also we found that it depresses the functions of whole milk. In addition, our bacteria can impact disease and various non-food substances into our body, from antibiotics to narcotics,” warned the scientists in the article.

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