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Doctors called the symptoms of cancer

Медики назвали основные симптомы онкозаболеванийThe earliest signs of cancer people may be a slight discomfort.

Oncologists recommend that each person carefully to watch ourselves and see if there are any changes, because they indicate the growth and division of cancer cells in the body. Of course, recovery is more likely the one who did not delay going to the doctor and went to the health facility immediately when she noticed that there were strange symptoms.

This was always talking about the oncologists, but for some unknown reason, did not listen to them all.

So before visiting your doctor you can suspect that something is wrong, doctors identified a list of the earliest symptoms of cancer, which almost no one ever draws their attention:

1. Coughing that hurts you not the first week, to guard. Especially should care about smokers and those who are sputum found blood.

2. Increased body temperature may indicate different types of cancer, if you celebrate it daily for 1-2 weeks and not see additional symptoms that could indicate other illnesses.

3. Difficulty or painful swallowing of saliva and food. This symptom can indicate either a common cold and influenza, and cancer of the esophagus or throat.

4. Bleeding in women not related to menstrual period, that’s reason immediately be examined by a gynecologist.

5. Weight loss. Cancer patients are often people in the early stages of the disease even rejoice in the fact that without any effort they manage to lose weight. But really, in the near future they will have a rude awakening in the form of a terrible diagnosis.

6. Bloody clots in the stool and urine. In both cases, this symptom does not indicate with 100% probability for cancer, but may indicate an open ulcer stomach or 12-duodenum, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infection and so on. In any case, an urgent trip to the doctor is highly desirable.

7. Difficult urination is often an early symptom of prostate cancer, so the first appearance should immediately consult a physicians qualified help.

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