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Doctors called the perfect cure for insomnia

Медики назвали идеальное средство от бессонницыNatural aromas help to relax, to reduce stress and get rid of unpleasant thoughts.

Modern pharmaceutical companies are ready to offer a lot of drugs and supplements to solve insomnia, which has become one of the main problems of humanity, About it the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

But doctors say that any medication can have side effects, besides, their frequent intake can be addictive.
“Relax, and release tension after a hard working day will help the flavors of mint and lemon balm. They refresh and help to relax and promote a deeper more restful sleep.

Helps with insomnia and the smell of vanilla. It relieves fatigue and heaviness in the muscles, thus relaxing the brain. And, of course, lavender– this scent not only removes the stress and negative thoughts, but also creates ideal conditions for deep and restful sleep” – said the expert.

But remember that any tool that affects our physical condition and psyche, it is necessary to apply very carefully. If you use undiluted essential oils, learn that they are concentrated and therefore 2-3 drops is enough to fill the aroma of the room.

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