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Doctors called the main causes of mental illness

Медики назвали основные причины психических заболеванийIt turns out that simple things can mean health problems.

Researchers from the Madison announced that they had failed to prove that the continuous chatter may indicate a mental illness.

Scientists say that the need continues and as detailed as possible to explain what is happening may be the first alarm bell for the development of the disease. We are talking about certain mental illness that can be very difficult to diagnose at an early stage.

All this may be a symptom of neurodegenerative disorders.

Scientists say that about various minor details may indicate that the person wants to improve memory because at the time this action starts to train the auditory memory. This has a positive effect on a person’s memory, but at the same time can be a sign that the person already has some problems with memory.

First and foremost it can be a sign of developing Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is seriously concerned scientists, because they still cannot find a universal tool that would allow to cope with the disease.

So at the moment all the forces thrown at scientists to find a means of prevention and early diagnosis of the disease. They say that talking about small minor details can be an indicator that the person is susceptible to this disease.

With such signals, according to scientists, you should consult a medical professional to determine the most appropriate and quality treatment.
Previously, scientists , as evidenced by the cracks in the corners of the mouth and they can be dangerous to human health.

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