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Single people likely to develop mental illness

All of these people were participants of the national survey of mental health conducted in England. Discovered another negative side of loneliness – it gives people an increased tendency to develop mental illness. Single people are at increased risk of developing mental illness, this was stated by French scientists from …

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Unhealthy eating can harm the mental health of adolescents

According to new research by Australian scientists from Royal Melbourne University of technology, energy drinks and junk food damage the mental health of adolescents. In recent years the number of young people suffering from anxiety and depression increased, and this may be to blame the media. However, experts believe that …

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Video games affect the mental abilities of older people

Computer games improve cognitive abilities of seniors. Scientists of the University of Montreal conducted an experiment the results of which concluded that video games that substantially improves mental abilities of older people. Representatives of the educational institutions suggested that computer games improve the cognitive abilities of seniors. For this study, …

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