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Doctors called the best product to prolong the youth

Медики назвали лучший продукт для продления молодостиLovers of nuts protected from terrible diseases.

People who eat nuts, particularly walnuts, are more likely to live a long life, write researchers from BioMed Central in the journal BMC Medicine.

A longitudinal study showed that those who eat nuts more than 3 times a week, the risk of dying from cancer or cardiovascular diseases is significantly below average. The study involved 7000 older people (aged 55 to 90 years) from Spain, who ate the Mediterranean — type eating plenty of vegetables, fruits and fish.

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It was discovered that people who eat nuts frequently have lower body mass index and a smaller waist. In addition, they are less likely to smoke and more physically active than those who rarely or never eat nuts.

Also among the “orejudos” there were fewer people with type 2 diabetes and taking medication for hypertension. In General, those who eat more than 3 servings (1 serving — 28G) of nuts per week, below the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 55 percent and cancer by 40 percent.

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The authors of the study believe that the reason is a high content of alpha-linoleic acid and phytochemicals substances in nuts, especially in their peel, which apparently contains calcium, magnesium and potassium.

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