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Doctors called healthy drinks, prolonging youthfulness

Медики назвали полезные напитки, продлевающие молодостьExperts have named 5 of the best teas, has a rejuvenating effect.

We know that drinking a Cup of black tea will help to relax and calm down, green tea with lemon not only strengthen immunity, but also make brain work better. Do you know that a well-chosen tea will help to rejuvenate?

In our country the attitude to tea, rather as a beverage that helps calm the hunger, to cheer up or to quench your thirst.

And often we are not even interested in those useful properties that teas have (do not consider teas with currant, raspberry or cranberry, which we saved from colds and viruses).

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At the same time, some types of these drinks help us to look younger than your biological age. With such benefits and allocated from the variety of teas Indian scientists.

Black tea
Black tea is the most common drink in the world. It has a lot of antioxidants which have positive effects on skin cells, quickly restoring them when damaged, and these substances in the skin slow down the ageing processes.

Green tea
Did you know that green tea contributes to the formation of collagen? If you like green tea, then your skin earlier aging and wrinkles is not exactly threatening, because thanks to this drink the skin for a long time remains elastic and does not dry out.

Oolong is also sometimes referred to as Qing cha, which translated from Chinese means “turquoise tea”. This drink a lot of antioxidants-polyphenols, which excrete toxins and act on the skin soothes. Another useful feature of Oolong tea, skin protection from ultraviolet radiation that does not form the pigment spots.

Chamomile tea
Recently, scientists have discovered that regular consumption of chamomile tea in the morning is an excellent prevention of diabetes. In addition, this drink has flavonoids that remove free radicals from the body that helps to slow the aging process in the skin, making it softer and more elastic.

You must remember that tweaking the language of a drink based on black tea and Kombucha? Thanks to the enzymes, which fall into the drink from the fungus and the fermentation process, this tea is an excellent remedy to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. And this, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the skin: it does not dry and, therefore, does not age.

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