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Doctors called a compelling argument to soak in the warm bath longer than usual

Медики назвали веский аргумент понежиться в теплой ванной дольше обычного Warm baths treat serious skin diseases.

To treat eczema a warm bath are no less effective than the dedicated whitening. To such conclusion the American scientists.

For victims of eczema does not really matter, whether they take a warm bath or a special bleaching, as both varieties of water treatments are equally effective.

However, as noted by the authors of the study, the bleaching baths can cause discomfort on the skin, including burning, and in some cases they are the cause of exacerbation of asthma.

Traditionally experts in the field of treatment of eczema recommend it to the victims to take it to the bleaching bath, but research shows that this advice dermatologists can be reviewed. The experts found that if the bleaching baths and there are some additional benefits for the skin, they are very modest.

The results of this study should encourage victims of eczema regular baths. Many such patients generally refrain from these procedures, as they believe that bathing may cause dryness of the skin. Bleach bath is a warm or cool water to which add a small amount of bleach.

Usual victims of eczema is recommended to go to the tub, plunging into her up to the neck level, but no deeper, to avoid water contact with the eyes. Ordinary baths nothing but warm water does not contain, but patients can use a special sponge to wash the face.

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The use of soap during bathing is not mandatory, especially for sensitive skin, it is not always appropriate. Receiving a warm bath for 10 minutes is most effective, as water washes away most of the germs and has a beneficial effect on the skin. After the bath it is recommended to use the humidifier.

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