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Environmental friendliness of electric vehicles was the usual myth

Scientists have found that the use of electric cars more harmful than driving a conventional car. Electric cars have long been criticized by independent researchers-ecologists, as promised natural purity of these vehicles, to put it mildly, exaggerated. The fact that electric cars use energy produced mainly by thermal and hydroelectric …

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Unusual pictures taken in the usual places. Photo

Everyday beauty from photographer Michael BelhadiThe Berlin photographer Michael Belhadi began his career photographing surgical procedures for medical journals. Now his photographs are a wonderful collection of images from various locations — jungle, underground, stadiums, cities and even prison. His images demonstrate a supernatural gift of the photographer to notice …

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Stylish design with the usual “Khrushchev”. Photo

In modest conditions can make a very stylish and beautiful interior. An impressive part of our countrymen have had to live in small apartments. Many complain that in “Khrushchev” nowhere to turn, and all in harmony to equip. However, the designers showed incredible may be the apartment with an area …

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Usual foods that can kill a man

Be careful when eating these products. Be very careful with all of these products, because they literally can kill you. Elder The leaves of the elderberry contains cyanide, so you should be careful with herbal teas, which are popular in folk medicine. Rhubarb On the one hand, the stalks of …

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Experts have told that can hide the usual back pain

As it turned out, the pain may develop into a serious disease. Back pain – the problem is very urgent. Often vertebral pain syndrome develops as a result of insufficiently active lifestyle, the lack of necessary or excessive exercise. However, based on the occurrence of this symptom complex may also …

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