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Doctors are told when the shower can be harmful to health

Медики рассказали, когда душ может быть вредным для здоровьяDaily routines in the bathroom not only improve health, but also worsen it.

This is the conclusion reached by scientists at Columbia University. They are convinced that excessive cleanliness leads to immune decline.

Hot water and various detergents severely dry the skin, causing it becomes drier and loses some of the protective lipid layer serving as a barrier to different germs and microorganisms. As a result of frequent trips to the shower from the elevated on the skin are formed through the cracks that easily penetrate dangerous bacteria.

Therefore the infectious disease specialists is recommended to take a shower at most twice a week. And to remove the odor it is better to wash specific parts of the body. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The real benefit is only from a hand wash.

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