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The doctors explained the benefits of a cold shower

Five main reasons. A cold shower is not only healthy, but also brings psychological benefits, helping us to become better. Cold water improves blood circulation, promotes the production of endorphins and increases your productivity. Of course, if you can stand a cold shower. Cold showers have many advantages. He’s healthy, …

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Ukrainians will be able to see a meteor shower

The event will occur in mid-December. Next week, 13 December, the inhabitants of the Earth will be able to observe a meteor shower. Information about a rare and incredible event to share with the public astronomers. According to experts, to observe a meteor stream Geminids citizens will be able in …

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Ukrainians will be able to see an unusual meteor shower

Admire the unusual phenomenon can be anywhere in our planet. The planet expects the Leonids meteor shower. The active period of the brightest meteor shower this year falls on 17 November. Admire the unusual phenomenon you can make a wish from anywhere in the world. Importantly, the sky was cloudless. …

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Unusual ideas design a bathroom with a shower. Photo

The most daring and original design ideas bathroom design that can be implemented without the involvement of professionals. If to be objective, unlike the bedroom or living room, the options when modifying a bathroom not so much. After all, when you have limited space need to preserve the functionality of …

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