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Doctors are reminded that in some cases, antibiotics contraindicated

Врачи напомнили, в каких случаях противопоказаны антибиотикиDo not self-medicate.

Temperature and runny nose, cough and even headache with similar symptoms the vast majority of people start self-appointed course of antibiotics. Any results from such assistance, is not likely to bring. Moreover, you are risking the growth of bacteria, has already received resistance to the drugs. Here are five common diseases, which in any case can not resort to antibiotics.

Sore throat

Most often, sore throat is caused by tonsillitis, a viral infection, against which antibiotics are simply not effective. Many people, for some reason, think differently and develop the course absolutely useless drugs, ignoring the right treatment.
Acute bronchitis

A nasty, hacking cough is not a reason to go on antibiotics, even if it lasts for a week in a row. Here are often mistaken by doctors appointing treatment of viral infection in cases when it is not in sight.

Very common in the former Soviet Union method of prophylactic antibiotics does not work. Antibiotics simply have no prophylactic effect. Such a practice may even lead to another problem. The same flu there is often a complication of bronchitis: if you started to take antibiotics before that, the complication is still evolving, but at its core will lie a microbe will develop immunity to the antibiotic.

Every year tens of thousands of people are faced with a very unpleasant disease: prolonged rhinitis often leads to inflammation of nasal passage or sinus. In most cases, the development of this disease is due to the virus, and 83% of patients still receive antibiotics.


Contrary to popular belief, bacteria rarely cause inflammation of the tooth nerve. That is why self-medication with antibiotics does not lead to any positive results. But doctors often prescribe antibiotics just in case: it helps to avoid the danger of subsequent purulent infection of the area around the tooth.

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