Monday , November 23 2020
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Ukrainians reminded about elections funny fotozhabu

All to the elections! The network has published fotozhabu, which amused users on the day of presidential elections in Ukraine. The picture was posted on Sunday, March 31, at about 05:00. During this time she has gained almost three thousand shares and more than three thousand likes. For fotozhaby took …

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In the UK reminded Kiev about the need for urgent reforms

Ukraine should maintain its position and to carry out reforms. London will support Ukraine and will continue to confront Russia, if the Ukrainian government will fulfill the Minsk agreement and will reform. This was stated by Prime-Minister Theresa may. Theresa may has criticised Moscow and expressed his support for Ukraine …

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Ukrainians reminded about the basic schemes Internet scams

Fraudsters have intensified on the Network. In anticipation of the Christmas holidays in Dnipropetrovsk region intensified fraudsters, who are operating in the network. Journalists have found out how the fans of easy money cheat gullible citizens and how not to get caught on a hook of swindlers. From the beginning, …

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Ukrainians reminded how to behave in the ice

There comes a traumatic time. With the onset of cold and ice, more and more Ukrainians become victims of slippery roads. From bruises and fractures does not protect even warm and volumetric wear. We decided to figure out what to do in a situation if you fell and how to …

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Ukrainians reminded of the main rules of advent

Lent begins tomorrow. November 28, the Orthodox begins one of the most important post – Christmas. Advent in 2017 will begin on Tuesday, November 28, and will end on Saturday January 6th. This post aims to purify the body and soul to one of the most important holidays in the …

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Ukrainians reminded prices for a driver’s license

In the service center of the Ministry of interior announced the price for the basic services. The Ministry of internal Affairs reminded the Ukrainians about the main services provided by the service centers of the Ministry of internal Affairs, and called their prices. “Service centers of the Ministry of interior …

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