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Doctors advised how to quickly get rid of the common cold

Врачи посоветовали, как быстро избавиться от насморкаEverything you need to know about the cold.

Winter has passed, runny nose left. We used to think that the common cold occurs after exposure. But this is not true. I have a runny nose allergic, vasomotor, specific rhinitis pregnant women and children cold. The noses of babies is particularly sensitive: respond to changes in humidity in the apartment and the premises of the kindergarten, teething. And hypothermia is not to blame.

How to treat a runny nose? And is it possible to cure rhinitis for two days, and be cured at home without warmings and any special procedures in the clinic? - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

What causes stuffy nose

As you know, the runny nose occurs due to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose or nasopharynx. What is the reason for this vospaleniya? Maybe hypothermia, bacterial or viral infection, hormonal change or an allergic reaction to the pathogen.

The causes of rhinitis is different, and treatment is the same?

No. For example, the reason why there is a rhinitis, namely, the narrowing and widening of blood vessels that protects the body from losing heat, nutrients and oxygen, hypothermia. Nasal mucosa swells, nasal breathing is difficult, mucous glands work disturbed. There is a dryness and irritation that proyavitsa itching and sneezing.

If the cause of the common cold – a virus that got weakened by hypothermia background, inflammation is inevitable. Inflammation, as we know, this is a response to a dangerous invasion. The result is increased permeability of blood vessels, and out of the liquid portion of blood (plasma) into surrounding tissue, leading to edema.

Blood flow to the area of inflammation activates glands that produce mucus. Hence profuse watery discharge (aka snot), decreased sense of smell due to swelling, and in some cases, and otitis media. Inflammatory disease of the ear is most common in children. According to statistics, approximately 80% of children under 3 years of age at least once suffered from otitis media. And it occurs due to edema evstafievich pipe that connects the throat with the middle ear. Thus, in the middle ear begins to accumulate fluid, which further leads to multiplication of viruses and bacteria. Because children under 7 years of age the Eustachian tubes are shorter and straighter than in adults, this population is especially vulnerable to inflammatory diseases of the middle ear.occur in the mucosa of the Eustachian tube connecting the nose and ear, may occur stuffy ears. Due to virus infections of the conjunctiva of the eye and violation of the outflow of lacrimal fluid (the lumen of the lacrimal-nasal channel is reduced due to edema), you receive watery eyes.

The third cause of the common cold bacteria. Sometimes only they, but more often in company with viruses. It bacteria can be accused of stealing hope. Hopes for recovery. Because as soon as we feel the improvement in General condition, restoration of nasal breathing and sense of smell as soon as it seems to us that SARS we have cured, they are, snot green.

Treatment of the common cold

So how to cure rhinitis? And can it be done not in a week, not 7 days, but for two?

Is it possible to cure a cold in two days? If it is indeed to be treated, and not to wait until after itself, Yes. Unfortunately, the human immune system is not strong enough to cope with the cold in two days alone. Therefore, the problem of undertreated SARS often last for weeks up to months.

Home treatment runny nose

The development of the virus while the common cold inhibit the volatile contained in onions and garlic. You don’t need to eat a lot of onions and garlic, simply cut the onion and breathe over it. Garlic you need to crush a garlic press, put in a jar with a wide neck, cover, not to erode, and inhale several times a day. If inhaled in your nose and throat will be burning, this is a completely normal reaction.
Mineral water without gas perfectly cope with nasal congestion. Every half hour rinse her nose for at least 15 minutes. And before bedtime lubricate the nose and the area around natural honey.
For washing the nose of thick mucus prepare such solution: dilute eucalyptus oil (in a glass of water 2-3 drops is enough) and add in a solution for nasal lavage teaspoon of salt.

Home treatment runny nose

If you have a viral cold, use a solution of sea water for irrigation of nasal cavity. With flushing you cleanse the nasal mucosa and get rid of germs. Nasal sprays with salt water you can buy at the pharmacy.

If you have sea salt without additives, you can prepare the solution yourself:

1 teaspoon of sea salt in half a liter of warm boiled water. Rinse the nose with a syringe. Squeeze the solution into one nostril and breath in, breath out solution, i.e. blowing your nose. Repeat the procedure with the other nostril.

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