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Coffee or tea: what’s healthier to drink in the morning

Чай или кофе: что полезнее пить по утрамOften, many people just can’t decide what to drink the morning tea or coffee.

Of course, in a world much like coffee lovers and tea fans, and they are convinced that their drink with the best and with all this useful.

They are partly right, because the great will not bring harm as the brewing of tea leaves and coffee beans in moderation. In addition, both drinks contain active components that beneficially affect our body.

But still – what is useful to drink in the morning?

Common benefits
1. Both contain antioxidants.
2. In black tea more caffeine than coffee.
3. Coffee and tea (green and black) contain polyphenols, which prevent cancer and heart disease.
4. Green and black tea is the same plant, the difference lies only in the method of roasting leaves. In black less nutrients than green, because of the peculiarities of the roast.

To drink coffee?

1. “No” to genetic mutations. This drink contributes to the fact that with them you will meet soon. Coffee drinkers 80% less suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

2. Protection against Alzheimer’s disease, colon cancer, diabetes of the 2nd type.

3. Leads to insomnia, headaches and high blood pressure.

4. It is not recommended to drink high blood pressure and neurotics.

5. In General, scholars argue that the use of coffee brings only the case if you drink it without adding sugar.

Useful properties of coffee

There is a belief that one Cup of coffee in the morning, 11% will reduce the risk of skin cancer. Besides, 56% protects against type 2 diabetes (in women), and men will reduce the likelihood of disease Parkinsona. Those who drink 2 to 4 cups of flavored beverage a day, will have heart problems. So what is a healthy drink that you can drink it in the morning.

Drinking black tea?

One Cup of this drink is 40 ml of caffeine (two times more than coffee). It reduces the level of cholesterol and blood sugar, in addition, it is possible to lose weight (at least he helps), and it improves the immunity. A lot of it can not drink, better to do 2-4 cups per day, because it leads to anemia due to slowing of the body’s absorption of iron. By the way, tea is also not recommended to add sugar.

Green tea

In Asia it is very popular because it promotes detoxification. In other words – removes different toxins and cleanses the body of toxins. If you drink green tea for six weeks for 4 times a day, you decrease the stress hormone. This is proved by scientists. He is 46% reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and hypertension, but also like black, can lead to anemia due to decrease the body’s ability to absorb iron. Even tea can be used as medicine. It is possible to go in the footsteps of the Asians and to learn from them many interesting things in the sphere of consumption of the drink. For example, the Chinese fill it with hot water, drained the water, and again pour boiling water. If you drink 1 liter of green tea daily, it will reduce the likelihood of liver disease, and 1 liter of coffee a day during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage. Such studies conducted in Denmark.

What drink contains more caffeine?

The caffeine content found in coffee beans is not more than 2%, whereas its concentration in the finished beverage depends on the method of preparation. In a Cup of 120 ml only 80-120 ml of caffeine (coffee strong) espresso 50 ml will be from 50-60 ml of caffeine (much stronger). In the tea leaves the caffeine content is almost 2 times more than 2-4%. In the finished beverage may contain between 30-60 ml caffeine depending on the processing of tea leaves, their roasting, welding and other factors. As shown by different studies, in small quantities, useful as coffee and tea. Both drinks contain caffeine, which imparts Vim and vigor. Just do not be too carried away with these drinks, as it can lead to unpleasant consequences for the organism – insomnia, irritability and other. So have fun with that drink that suits your taste.

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