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Nutritionists suggested how the oil is healthier

Nutritionist Albina Komissarova has explained what kind of oil is healthier coconut or Flaxseed.In recent years it has become fashionable to apply coconut oil to the hair, to use it in its purest form and roast. However, not everyone knows that coconut oil is 90% saturated fats, which are considered …

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This cheap product fine healthier heart

Note. Beets, being cheap and available food, effectively heals the heart and not only. The contents in the beet, a certain ratio of sodium and calcium ensures the normal circulation of blood and hence nourishment of all organs, the researchers note. In the beet contains more than 50% of sodium …

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Nutritionists suggested how vegetable oil is healthier

What vegetable oil is better to cookFirst, you need to know the temperature of combustion (smoke) oils. Because when oil when heated begins to smoke, then it produces toxic gases and harmful free radicals. Unrefined oils are cold-pressed, extra virgin olive for example, can be added to salads and ready …

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How to make coffee tastier and healthier

Coffee – the favorite drink of many people, because it is well invigorates. The classic combination is a coffee with milk, but it’s not all that can be added. One only has to experiment a bit and find your perfect coffee. Cocoa We’ve learned that cocoa and coffee are two …

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Doctors suggested kind of water to drink healthier

Warm water has the ability have different effects on the body, and with a purely positive effect, said the attending doctors. According to them, the habit of drinking water useful, but it needs to be warm, even in the heat. Doctors insist that even in hot weather you should avoid …

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Regular consumption of this drink healthier liver

Another reason not to give up coffee. Medications from a number of medications can have limits to consumption, so, according to scientists, the use of food to restore the healthy functions of the liver could be more efficient. The experts came to the conclusion that especially with this purpose it …

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