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Chinese doctors have uncovered the secrets of longevity

 Китайские медики раскрыли секреты долголетияThe Chinese know how to live to a ripe old age.

Traditional Chinese medicine dates back over 2000 years. Its theoretical basis was a philosophical-religious movement of Taoism. Unlike Western medicine, the Eastern, from the very beginning great attention was paid to prevention of diseases and considered as a single system in which everything is interconnected. This approach and laid the foundations of longevity in Chinese. But what are its secrets today.


The diet of the people of China has always been rich in soy products and beans, vegetables, fish, fungi and algae. They can prolong life?

For example, the nutrients contained in soybeans, reduce cholesterol and blood sugar, normalize blood pressure, promote weight loss and prevent osteoporosis. Vegetables supply the body with essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Thus, the majority of vegetables low glycemic index.

Fish is a great source of high quality protein and healthy fats. In addition, it is rich in vitamin A, B2, iron, zinc and other trace elements. Fungi and algae are good for their low calorie content and healthy properties. For example, black wood mushrooms prevent blood clots, and shiitake mushrooms lower cholesterol.

Women to preserve youth you should eat as much of tofu, seaweed, radish and other alkaline products, which enhance cell activity, accelerate metabolism, improve skin condition, leaving it smooth and shiny. But the use of chicken, beef, corn, beer and other acidic foods should be reduced.

It is useful to follow the rule of “Three more and three less”: eat less fatty, salty and sweet foods and consume more fruits, cereals and water. Finally, the Chinese approach to eating involves moderation. Overeating increases the load on the heart, disrupts metabolism and leads to various diseases.


According to the theory of Chinese medicine, internal organs are connected with the environment and with each other through the meridians, which is a movement of qi energy. It affects the health and quality of communication with the world. Disease, according to Chinese physicians, occur because of violations of the circulation of qi energy in the body. Fix it the course the easiest way by using acupuncture.

Acting on acupuncture points where the meridians come to the surface of the body most closely, the doctor can cure or prevent disease. In China is very common preventive acupuncture for stroke prevention, seasonal colds, enhance immunity and slow down the aging process.


Morning, many residents of China starts with breathing exercises qigong. In the evening almost everything out for a walk, play badminton or table tennis. Daily exercise for 30 minutes, increase immunity and the accumulation of Yang energy in the body. The person becomes more resilient, and his movements are fast, maneuverable, accurate. Studies show that 80% of centenarians regularly engaged in physical labor or sports.


In ancient times the Taoist ascetics, the so – called “Seekers of immortality”, which sought to achieve longevity, suggested that there is a close connection between long life and reasonable daily scheduling of work and rest. If the day is broken, there is the risk of mental disorders and malfunction of internal organs.

“Day – thoughts, night – dreams” – Chinese proverb. A deep and healthy night’s sleep is necessary for everyone. After all, at night builds up the qi energy of the liver, kidneys and lungs. To combat insomnia Chinese doctors recommend eating 30-60 grams of boiled red dates.


Modern lifestyle is impossible without stressful situations. However, each person responds to them individually: where the optimist sees the opportunity, the pessimist sees an obstacle. Therefore, the first moderate stress can be a motivational push for the second turn into the excessive stress, which alters the metabolism and increases the likelihood of various diseases.

So if you want to hurt less, learn optimism. After all, centenarians know how to enjoy life and to look at the world positively.

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