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Named as the main factor of longevity

To a greater extent life expectancy depends on the environment. An international team of geneticists established that the duration of human life in a greater measure depends on environment rather than genes. Scientists have found out, finding out how changes with age epigenetic regulation of the genome of twins. It …

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Scientists have found the gene for longevity

Scientists who examined the American sectarians, came to an unexpected conclusion. An international group of researchers from Japan, USA and Canada, have identified a mutation in human DNA, which promotes longevity, improves metabolism and lowers the risk of developing diabetes. Article scientists published in the journal Science Advances, a brief …

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Named the main condition of longevity

All has appeared easier. Scientists from Harvard University claim that intermittent fasting may improve performance, extend life and improve General health. According to experts, a temporary restriction of the diet allows you to keep the body “young” at the cellular level. Intermittent fasting keeps the mitochondria is an important part …

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Doctors called the best vegetable for longevity

Announced the results of the study. Scientists from China found out that eating chili peppers promotes longevity. To such conclusion experts came as the result of the study. Chinese scientists conducted studies for seven years. They were attended by about 500 000 people aged 30 to 79 years. Observations have …

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Doctors revealed the secret behind women’s longevity

Detailed instruction. So, the main advice – get rid of stress. Elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol can lead to chronic depression and even cardiovascular diseases. To protect your health, you need to get rid of stress. To do this, periodically write down on paper a list of all …

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Named the main condition of longevity men

Announced the results of the study. Researchers from Sweden found that men married to smart and educated girl, lived a few years longer than those who took to wife, not intellectual. Talking about this years of observation. Scientists for many years, watched a million couples. As a result, experts found …

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