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Late meeting with woodcock in the desert

At the fork in the trail winding into the village, was forced to stop. In the right Shoe seems to have flown the stone. Take off shoes, turn over… And I can’t shake the feeling that someone was watching my manipulations. Stretch out, look around and… here it is, my …

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The Amur tiger and its survival

Hard to believe that in 30-e years of the last century these beauties in the Khabarovsk and Primorsky regions was no more than forty. However, in time people came to their senses and saved the animal from extinction. This made the laws, created by the forces of the “Conflict tiger”, …

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Sable coat: story cheats

The price of wild fur has always been more than what was prepared for the hunter. On the “soft gold”, rich not his miners, and those who bought it. Bounty hunters would have no opportunity to influence the situation, and furs went for the set buyer price. The exception to …

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My first mined African lion

The owner of the land where you had to hunt, asked me to shoot one of the lions of the big pride, from time to time visited the territory his ranch on the Western border. The lions terrorized the workers, as they were travelling on a tractor on the way …

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Choosing the right rifled carbine

For me, in driven hunting of ungulates TOZ-34 loaded with buckshot or bullet (depending on conditions) for a long time was completely sufficient. The first time I thought about rifled weapons, when three hundred meters from me, the moose went on the swings with the edge of the forest where …

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It’s time to sound the alarm in the protected

Now, covering at once the entire history of the reserves, I can say that the most important factor in prosperity PA are people. Saw the wild through dozens of years of the first organizers of the reserves? Of course, prosperous, nothing and no one defiled. And this despite the fact …

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