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The FSO survey: 69% of professionals believe doing business in Russia unsafe

Опрос ФСО: 69% специалистов считают ведение бизнеса в РФ небезопасным

Experts and businessmen feel unsafe doing business in Russia. According to RBC, it follows from the expert survey conducted by the Federal service of protection (FSO) for the business of the Ombudsman Boris Titov.

The secret service was interested in the assessment of the business climate on the part of professionals (of lawyers, legal scholars, prosecutors, and defenders) and entrepreneurs, subjected to criminal prosecution. The survey polled 181 and 211 specialist entrepreneurs in 37 regions. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Among the experts 69,2% did not consider doing business in Russia safe. In 2017, the year they accounted for 57.1%, in 2018 — of 67.2%. Businessmen are the prospects of doing business in the country has been more skeptical — 84.4 per cent think it is unsafe.

The proportion of respondents who believe that Russian laws do not guarantee protection of business from unjustified criminal prosecution, have not changed: in 2018 and 70.5% in 2019, with 70.7%.

An increasing proportion of respondents who do not trust the security forces: in 2017 — 45% 2018 — 51,5% and in 2019 — 66,7%. More than half (55%) do not trust the courts. Only 43.3% of respondents would entrust the resolution of commercial disputes the state court, 30,1% — arbitration, 10,8% — anyone at all.

Two-thirds of experts (66,9%) do not believe justice in the country is independent and objective.

Also 69,4% of respondents said ineffective or rather ineffective anti-corruption activities of the security forces. 37.7 percent believe that the level of corruption in the past year has not changed, even in the amount of 30.8 per cent — that in varying degrees has increased.

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