Sunday , February 24 2019
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Tkachev “braided” Moscow “Agro”?

Agricultural company of the family of the Minister Alexander Tkachev captures the capital market? Constantly evolving company of the head of Minselhoza Alexander Tkachev, “Agrokompleks them. N. I. Tkachev”. First he Alexander moved to Moscow, and now moved his office. For a start, “Ministerial company” was taken out of the …

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In Ukraine disappears woodworking business

In Ukraine, lack of raw materials, to provide wood-working business in Ukraine. This at a press conference on Monday said the Deputy head of the Association of wood processing enterprises of the Carpathian region Dmitry Sain, the correspondent of ГолосUA. “Forestry of Ukraine, in particular, in the field of woodworking …

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Snake business in China brings in millions of dollars

In one Chinese village with the light hand of the enterprising disabled, reptiles are bred in every house In 1985, in a Chinese village, Jesica local disabled Jan Hanchang started to breed snakes first for self and then for sale to pharmaceutical companies and restaurants. Gradually this business became interested …

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