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Called useful foods that can be eaten at night

Названы полезные продукты, которые можно есть на ночь Many nutritionists say that after six in the evening it is better to abstain from food.

But in fact, some foods eaten in the evening, contribute to improving the state of the nerves, skin, and sleep.

Researchers have unveiled a list of foods that you can eat after six. According to experts, their moderate consumption completely will not harm the figure, but on the contrary will make your face slimmer.

In the proposed experts products contain protein, vitamins and nutrients which have a specific effect on the brain and nervous system and leading to improved quality night’s sleep. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The list, compiled by an international group of nutritionists, included dark chocolate, unsalted pistachios, chicken soup, pumpkin seeds, chicken, milk, honey, rice boiled, almonds and ginger tea.

Physicians also noted that in these products there is a lot of antioxidants, so the body decreases the level of inflammation and normalization of blood pressure. In addition, they recalled that eaten in the evening, portions should be small.

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