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Called unique healing properties of strawberries

Названы уникальные для здоровья свойства клубникиIt’s tasty and healthy.

The long-awaited summer and you can treat yourself to strawberries – tasty and useful berry. What are the useful properties come in handy to women.

First, let’s look at what nutrients are in strawberries and that they can give the body:

1) Fruit acids. First of all, it is worth noting that strawberries helps to whiten teeth. Even while when You simply bite and chew the berry, teeth effect fruit acid that has the ability to dissolve plaque.

The only thing that should be noted, immediately after that, it is advisable to rinse the teeth with warm water normal, and is not recommended to brush your teeth with toothpaste, as it can lead to tooth sensitivity. Probably everyone remembers the moment from the movie “Pretty woman” where the main character, after eating strawberries used dental floss. This is optional, regular rinsing with water are also suitable.

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2) Folic acid. Due to the fact that strawberries are high in folic acid, it helps girls to get pregnant. It is also useful in the first trimester of pregnancy as it helps the proper formation of neural tube of the fetus. Also due to the content of folic acid, strawberries help to update blood. For best results, you must eat a minimum of 10 kg of berries per season.

3) Potassium. It not only helps the heart muscles and prevent spasms.

4) Sodium. Lets withdraw excess fluid from the body, helps to remove salt deposits in the joints, helps get rid of puffiness and lose a little weight.

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5) Calcium and fluorine. Help strengthen teeth and bones.

6) Iron. Due to the high iron content, strawberries are an excellent prevention of anemia.

7) Iodine. Strawberry contains iodine that helps the thyroid gland and promotes weight loss.

8) Magnesium. Is the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

9) Vitamin C. Helps get rid of bleeding gums, prevention of colds, fragility of blood vessels and scurvy.

10) Carotenes. Strawberries, like all fruits and vegetables of red color, containing carotenes, helps to get a nice tan and a little to improve vision.

11) Fiber. High content of dietary fiber in strawberries helps to achieve regular bowel cleansing.

12) Strawberries are a powerful aphrodisiac, no wonder many erotic films strawberries and cream – a mandatory attribute of a romantic dinner.

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