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Called four ways to survive the New year without a hangover

Названы четыре способа пережить Новый год без похмельяDon’t let the chance of a hangover to ruin your New year!

That hangover did not spoil the festive mood – it is necessary to adhere to 4 simple rules during the Christmas feast.

1. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach

To prevent the active absorption of alcohol, before the meal drink 2-3 tablets of activated charcoal in a few hours, and after Christmas dinner take 2 more pills.

Many people prefer to forgo food for the upcoming feast, but before you can drink alcohol – always something to eat, otherwise you’ll be stuffed. In addition, coffee is drunk before a meal, due to the content of quinine, allows the liver to better cope with their work.

2.Do not mix alcohol

During new year’s eve pick only one drink. Cognac, champagne or whiskey can cause a hangover. The safest option is a dry wine. If you decided to drink another alcohol – to raise the degree, and not Vice versa.

3. Do not drink alcohol in one gulp

To the morning do not suffer from a hangover, drink alcohol slowly, in small SIPS. In addition, drink alcohol grape, Apple juice or water – this will reduce the concentration of alcohol.

4. Snack

One should not eat such foods like mushrooms, beans, potatoes, duck, goose, fatty meat. Heavy hors d extra work for your liver. As snacks choose fruits and vegetables, sauerkraut. But if a few days before 31 December you will start eating foods that are rich in iodine (e.g. seafood) – this will protect you from a hangover.

If you drank too much and feel bad, then take a contrast shower, drink a lot of sparkling water, and also take absorbent and go to sleep. In such a scenario, the probability of a severe headache and a hangover won’t be so high.

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