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May quarantine a small business will not survive

Deputies of different levels from Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region appealed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to social benefits to all citizens. The initiative was published on the website of the Association of independent MPs. MPs propose during the epidemic of …

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How to survive without money?

Poor life – a heavy burden. When any waste is a burden, I want to go out the window. How to survive on low wages, to send her daughter to the best University and still have time to relax, to buy expensive things, and in no need said the poorest …

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New mod for Fallout 4 is to survive the nuclear winter

The main changes Nuclear Winter brings to the game. Game company Bethesda Game Studios have always attracted modders the ability to radically transform the original worlds. And now came out with a modification that does similar with Fallout 4. The work of the author under the name D1v1ne122 called Fallout …

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To survive will become even harder

The economic development Ministry has adjusted the forecasts for next year to the downside compared to the April version. According to the Ministry of economic development, the real incomes of Russians instead of 1% will increase only by 0.1%. With projected inflation of 4% and reducing the growth of consumer …

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Will survive the ex-Soviet Baltic States without EU money?

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, of course, can’t call themselves the driving forces of European business, but to complain about life it is not necessary. In the Russian media there are several stereotypes about neighboring Russian countries who have very little in common with reality. In the first place, of course, …

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