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Called early symptoms of pancreatic cancer

Названы ранние симптомы рака поджелудочной железыIt is important to undergo a medical examination.

All types of cancer is difficult to detect in the early stages, so doctors recommend convincing people not to ignore their requests to undergo a full examination by specialists at least 1 time per year.

The fact that the sooner will be diagnosed with a malignant tumor, the more likely is the patient to absolute recovery.

Pancreatic cancer is no different from other types of cancer in the sense that people can’t diagnose myself and understand exactly where the tumor grows. Usually, oncologists find a malignant mass in the pancreas by 2-4 stages of its development. Since this organ is located between the front wall of the abdomen and spine, to feel a tumor if it is not increased to excessive limits, it is impossible to identify these it is necessary to conduct an ultrasound and to carry out blood sampling, in order to verify the presence of tumor markers.

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Early signs of pancreatic cancer:

1. Light chair. In General, any changes in the structure and color of the chair should alert the person. Therefore, when the chair becomes much lighter and almost white, to postpone going to the doctor extremely dangerous.

2. Weight loss. Sudden weight loss, by diet or heightened physical activity, may be indicative of various diseases, including cancer.

3. The feeling of fatigue and incredible fatigue. The person can seem that he is not getting enough sleep and just tired from work, but in the presence of tumor in the pancreas even after sleep and just 5-10 minutes walk the patient falls down.

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4. Jaundice. Enzyme called bilirubin secreted bile constantly circulates in the small intestine. In the case where the head of the pancreas grows a malignant tumor, growing every day in size, overlapping occurs of the bile ducts and bilirubin is distributed throughout the body into the blood. As a result, the man’s yellow skin and whites of the eyes, which can not be overlooked.

5. The pain syndrome. Since the pancreas is located approximately in the center of the tumor growing on it, causing pressure on other organs that can get sick lower back or abdomen. Pain is temporary periodic in nature, but its occurrence should alert a person, as in healthy people simply because nothing hurts.

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