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Botulism: prevention and early warning “bells”

Ботулизм: профилактика и первые тревожные "звоночки"Everything you need to know about common disease.

Botulism is a dangerous disease that can affect anyone of us. This is a serious infectious disease characterized by lesions of the nervous system and spinal cord that can lead to very serious consequences.

Botulism gets into the human body through food, water and even aerosols, which contains the botulinum toxin. Latest and is capable of killing neurons in the spinal cord that will entail and trouble breathing with all muscles of the body.

The most favorable for getting botulism in the body are the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, lungs and skin. Botulism is dangerous because it can easily lead to death and it can not be insured.

How to avoid botulism

As we have said, of Contracting botulism through the respiratory tract and the gastrointestinal tract. And, unfortunately, to defend against, almost impossible, but to get poisoned very easily.

Botulism in Ukraine aktiviziruyutsya in the summer. It is particularly relevant when we are talking about eating dried or smoked fish. So, we can safely say that the illness botulism most commonly transmitted from fish. In the winter of botulism in Ukraine is possible from forest mushrooms homemade.

Botulism is also in canned food — canned foods, canned meat, potatoes. All of these simple Goodies may contain a virus that can cause life-threatening botulism. Also, it is dangerous to use unwashed or poorly washed fruits, vegetables and products, which are not affected by heat treatment.

Especially botulism for products are homemade — dirty hands, the surface, any mismatch sanitary standards and you’re in the hospital. For example, in Italy a case where the botulism is found in canned olives, which were heat-treated.

How to protect against botulism

So, botulism affects the canned food, you can get this disease from fish, from bad heat treatment products. Especially important to talk about botulism in Ukraine during the hot summer period. But you can do something to protect yourself from this disease? Difficult, but possible. Firstly, it is necessary to know the distinctive features of botulism:

Products with botulism is visually different from the usual;
We have no immunity against it;
And there is no vaccine;
Botulism is killed by heat treatment at 100 degrees;
Canned food with botulism, can be detected by a swollen lid;

Botulism symptoms

If you suspect that you could be infected with botulism, you should pay attention to the most common symptoms of this disease. It is important to understand that botulism is too fast. From 2 to 24 hours. During this time, develop the following symptoms:

diarrhea or constipation;
stomach ache;
double vision;
swells the stomach;
temperature about 37 degrees and not higher.

It is important to understand that distinguish botulism from any other infection can be one symptom is blurred vision. Due to the fact that botulism causes paralysis of muscles in the eyes can see double and even appear cross-eyed.

The following characteristics of an emerging botulism can be:

problems with speech;
hard to swallow;
changing voice;
dry mouth.

If even half of those symptoms fit, then immediately call an ambulance.

How to cure botulism

Botulism in Ukraine, unfortunately, is a common problem. This is due to the fact that in our country there is simply no serum against this disease — they either ended or has expired, or they did not deliver. Therefore, in the case where you suspect botulism or person, should be faster to call the ambulance and not to self-medicate. While waiting for the ambulance, you can wash the stomach.

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