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Be careful: these products can cause flatulence

Будьте внимательны: эти продукты могут вызвать метеоризмGas and bloating can lead to eat certain foods.

Also flatulence can be caused by a number of diseases of the digestive system that interfere with normal digestion and absorption of food. But in many cases the reasons for excessive gas and bloating in people healthy are wrong diet and the diet.

Products containing coarse fiber, the body harder to absorb and digest. For example, if you regularly eat lots of beans and beans, seeds, nuts, cabbage and yeast products, and in addition bad to chew food, the bloating you provided. The habit of talking during meals and drink food cold sodas also lead to excess gas formation in the intestine.

To cause flatulence and bloating can:

products containing starch: fresh bread, pastries, fried potatoes, pasta, rice, beans, corn;

– vegetables, berries and fruits – that is, foods rich in fiber. The very fiber is essential for normal digestion. But too much of its contents in the intestine may impede the movement of plant fibers and cause bloating;

milk and fresh dairy products, cheese, fatty varieties. The tendency to flatulence is better to use fermented milk products, granular low-fat cottage cheese. Also, do not simultaneously eat cereal, muffin, cookie and drink milk;

– soft drinks, especially sweet. If you eat a lot of fruits or vegetables together with pasta or potatoes, and then drink this brew or sweet Cola in your stomach may begin a “revolution”;

– foods rich in protein: meat, fish, and nourishing soups too. With overeating of these products can begin not only to flatulence, but the process of putrefaction in the intestines. Then the person suffers not only from gases, but from the resulting in the digestive organs of toxins.

So try to consume milk and dairy products separately, not to eat a hearty meal of broth, vegetable salad with a chop of fruit. Fruit nutritionists recommend eating a couple of hours after eating. Also, do not rush and do not talk while eating: swallowed air and poorly chewed food contribute to excessive flatulence and bloating.

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