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Ancient civilizations had contact with aliens – scientists

Древние цивилизации общались с пришельцами,- ученыеScientists have learned about the ancient civilizations contact with aliens on Earth.

One example is the sarcophagus lid of the Maya.

According to archeologists, the tribe talked with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. They found a small stone cylinders, figures which represent instructions for space flight. They describe the actions of the flight commands from the enable motors to Orient the sweat of the stars.

In Egypt found a number of the old zodiac cards. It has become known about the life cycle of Sirius, which is 1460 years, and Venus and Mars have certain phases. the ancient image of the astronaut was able to find in Turkey. It is currently preserved in the Istanbul archaeological Museum.

Within the limits of Kamchatka, two hundred kilometers from the village of Tigil’, Russian scholars have seen the fossils of toothed iron cylinders an unknown device. It is estimated that the age of the finds is 400 million years old.

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