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In the capital market have caught fifty of illegal aliens. Video

The incident occurred at the Troyeshchyna market.In the Kiev market “Petrovka” was discovered 49 foreign nationals who have violated immigration laws. “Illegal migrants were discovered by the staff of management of fight against the crimes connected with human trafficking of the police of Kiev together with employees of the Central …

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The aliens will be easier to find a job in Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers abolished the requirement to keep employment records of foreign staff in diplomatic mission. The Cabinet of Ministers simplified the procedure of employment of foreigners in Ukraine and cancelled 22 outdated regulatory act from different fields within the sixth “deregulation of the Cabinet.” This was stated by …

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Ancient civilizations had contact with aliens – scientists

Scientists have learned about the ancient civilizations contact with aliens on Earth. One example is the sarcophagus lid of the Maya. According to archeologists, the tribe talked with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. They found a small stone cylinders, figures which represent instructions for space flight. They describe the actions of …

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Aliens seize new York! (VIDEO)

The creators of The X-Files were having a little fun prank on one of new York’s streets. You know those vending machines with Newspapers? You go like this for, I think: let me buy a newspaper (Yes, in the US, they still read), crossword puzzles poragative or fish wrap… And …

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NASA figured out how to protect the Earth from aliens

NASA runs a program to protect Earth from aliensSpace Agency NASA in 2019 will start the program for the destruction of near-Earth objects, including alien ships. This was told by one of the employees of the organization. Ufologists believe that NASA knows about the existence of extraterrestrials, and the new …

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Ufologists have shown another building built by aliens

Conspiracy theorists found on Ceres something similar on the wall. Recently the dwarf planet Ceres, located between Mars and Jupiter, focused attention. Recently, ufologists, considered images NASA, found there a wall which is supposedly built by aliens millions of years ago. After research in the astrophysical community, the idea of …

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