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Two civilizations

Participation in the protest rally Dude, all rappers, calls Artemiy Panarin, in fact it is very important. To some extent it is even a breakthrough. The fact that the backbone of the famous speakers of the Marsh were representatives of the older generation from Dmitry Bykov and Tatyana Lazareva to …

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In Turkey discovered the city of the mighty civilizations

The Hittite Kingdom was one of the most powerful in its time and clashed with Ancient Egypt. An international team of archaeologists during excavations in Central Turkey have discovered the ruins of Hittite settlements, which is more than 3000 years. As reports the Archaeology News Network archaeologists excavated nine layers …

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Ancient civilizations had contact with aliens – scientists

Scientists have learned about the ancient civilizations contact with aliens on Earth. One example is the sarcophagus lid of the Maya. According to archeologists, the tribe talked with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. They found a small stone cylinders, figures which represent instructions for space flight. They describe the actions of …

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Mystery of the oldest civilizations in the world

Indian civilization may be the oldest in the world. Indian, British and Danish scientists have uncovered the secret of Indian civilization, considered the oldest in the world, there were supposedly no major rivers. A study published in the journal Nature Communications. In the period of its existence (about 4.6-3.9 thousand …

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10 mysterious ancient civilizations. Photo

Civilization, from which almost nothing left. Many of us in school times agitated the historian stories about the peoples and civilizations that inhabited our planet tens of centuries ago. Hard to imagine, but people loved, had children, fought, killed, and all that was left of them — a few bricks …

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The first ancient civilizations were ruled by women

Scientists have studied the burial places of the Indians of one of the tribes of Pueblo. American archaeologists said that in primitive civilizations around the world for many tribes reigned matriarchy. This researchers wrote in an article for foreign scientific journal Nature Communications. According to American experts from the University …

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