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Advent: what can I eat for Breakfast

Рождественский пост: что можно есть на завтракBreakfast during the Christmas post can be very satisfying.

Menu advent a pretty diverse and, one might say, almost balanced, so you will not be hungry, if you decide to abide by it. Today, 28 November, the Christmas fast began 2017 and it will run as usual until 6 January.

What can you eat?

Monday, Wednesday and Friday – vegetarian diet in a dry form.

Tuesday, Thursday – hot food with vegetable oil.

Saturday and Sunday – hot food, fish and seafood, wine.

This schedule will be valid until December 19, then from 20 December to 1 January will need to eat also, as before, but without fish, seafood and wine on the weekends, and from 2 to 5 January hot food allowed on the same days, and up to these days, but vegetable oil can be used on Saturday and Sunday, January 6 “until the first star” to eat anything.

Following these rules, you can plan your diet and choose foods in advance for each meal.

What to eat for Breakfast on Christmas post?

Porridge. You can cook any porridge and add fruit, nuts, dried fruit, honey.

Smoothies. For its preparation you will need a blender, frozen or fresh berries, fruit.

Salad. Any vegetables and herbs combined with sesame seeds and olive oil will be useful for the preparation of tasty and meatless salad.

On the weekends, when I have time and is allowed at the Christmas post – prepare for Breakfast seafood salads, sandwiches with boiled fish and vegetables, greens.

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