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8 foods that are not as useful as everyone thinks

8 продуктов, которые не так полезны, как все думаютSome foods that are considered to be useful, really only seem to be such.

Because fashion for a healthy life and proper nutrition, the stores often there are products that are only disguised as “healthy”.

You need to follow to make sure that you’re using. Many of us believe certain products are very useful, but actually it is not.

Banana chips
They really are useful, because they contain all that is in bananas. However, often manufacturers add the chips many flavors and flavor enhancers, or even deep fry in plenty of oil.

Bread is one of the most popular fitness products. However, the manufacturer, to improve taste, add a variety of fats and Supplement that is not improve our health.

Dried fruits and candied fruits
Often they replace candy and sweets, but this is not always the right choice. Manufacturers to maintain a good appearance, the fruit are often covered with a thick layer of sugar and treated with various chemicals to protect them from pests.

The composition of this product is not cheese. It is milk with the curd mass and a bunch of chemical additives. In addition, this snack is very high in sodium: only a piece of the product will cover 2/3 of the daily requirement of this element.

Canned vegetables and fruits
For such products the manufacturer can add anything from vinegar and various preservatives to the sauces, which are very much sugar. For example, in a jar of baked beans contains about 3 tablespoons of sugar.

Natural jagruti very useful for the body and stomach, but only when there are no additives. But in the store the yogurt a lot of sugar and little protein. Also they are very high in calories, but because we don’t chew — the brain thinks we eat a light meal and then you quickly get hungry.

Quick-cooking oatmeal
The smaller the flakes, the more they were treated and they quickly digested. In such a cereal high glycemic index and it is quickly absorbed by the body, which brings him extra calories. Besides, porridges with additives contain sugar and various additives.

This does not mean that these products should be abandoned forever, but they should be carefully and choose not to buy the wrapper instead of the product itself.

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