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10 foods that cause gastritis

10 продуктов, которые вызывают гастритWhat products should be limited to avoid problems with stomach.

Chronic gastritis should be careful to comply with all recommendations of the doctor about nutrition.

Some products can cause exacerbation of the disease. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

If chronic gastritis is not recommended to use cabbage, onions, and pickled, marinated, and pickled vegetables. They can cause exacerbation of gastritis. Resolved: “neutral” vegetables boiled or baked (potatoes, beets, carrots and others).

No matter you have a tendency to gastritis or not, but excessive alcohol consumption and Smoking contribute to its development. Doctors strongly recommend to get rid of bad habits. Permitted: moderate drinking (no more than 1 glass of dry wine per day).

In some cases sour milk for gastritis can hurt. It all depends on the tolerance of milk by the body. In General, doctors do not recommend eating acidic and fatty (more than 40%) dairy products (primarily, it concerns fat cheeses). Allowed: yogurt, cream, sour cream, cheese, cottage cheese, condensed and powdered milk.

Pork, animal fat, and salt or melted butter can worsen gastritis and cause him aggravation. You should also stay away from fatty lamb and Margarines. Resolved: unsalted butter, olive oil.

Gastritis is not recommended to use acidic fruits and berries. Should refuse (or limit) the use of certain berries, citrus fruits and fresh juices, which can cause exacerbation of gastritis. Allowed: sweet fruits and berries, jam and baked fruits.

For violation of gastric acidity and susceptibility to gastritis should limit the use of fish oil-rich. This includes carp, sturgeon, sturgeon, salmon, herring, sturgeon, catfish and other fatty fish. Allowed: low-fat boiled fish or steamed fish.

If chronic gastritis is not recommended to use hard-boiled eggs. It contributes to the development of exacerbation. But the menu is a healthy person this product should take its rightful place. According to nutritionist Oksana Skitalinskaia, scrambled eggs, steamed or boiled “in the bag” eggs should become a permanent part of the diet of both young and older people.

Gastritis (especially in the period of exacerbation) is strictly forbidden to eat fatty meats, namely, pork, duck, lamb, goose, smoked, cooked sausage and canned goods. In healthy people, regular consumption of these products may contribute to the development of gastritis in combination with certain circumstances. Allowed: boiled lean beef, steam chicken, beef steamed (or grilled), boiled chicken.

If you have gastritis, then you absolutely contraindicated strong meat, mushroom and fatty broth. The components included in the composition of such stocks, negatively affect the stomach, especially gastritis. Try to avoid the consumption of soups and dishes with such concoctions. Allowed: light broths and soups without cabbage

Perhaps fresh wheat or rye bread (and all butter products) is the most formidable enemy for patients with gastritis. Often after eating fresh bread people feel the aggravation of the disease. Moreover, even healthy sometimes complain of heartburn.

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