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Wild garlic: the benefits and danger of plants

Черемша: польза и опасность растения The expert listed the healing properties of garlic, and noted that not all the greens are useful.

Ukrainian nutritionist Alexander Kusch told, than useful and dangerous wild garlic. which is also called wild onions.

Ramsons, which is also called wild onion, is of great help in viral and respiratory diseases. Nutritionist Alexander Kusch told how to eat wild garlic, as this plant is all you can eat. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Wild garlic grows in the woods and listed in the Red book of Ukraine. Collecting this wild onion is punishable by a fine. However, legally it can be bought from Housewives, who grow wild garlic at the garden.

Before garlic
The green plant has anti-bacterial properties, and macro and micro elements ahead of garlic four times. The garlic will help with atherosclerosis, and viral and respiratory diseases. The expert emphasizes, the leaves of the plant resemble Lily of the valley, which are poisonous, therefore the gathering of wild garlic is not only illegal, but dangerous.

How to cook wild garlic
The plant can brew and drink an infusion to strengthen the immune system. And to clear the Airways, experts recommend inhaling the essential oils of wild onion. Also the petals of garlic can be added to the salad instead of the usual bow. But it is not necessary to use more than 15 leaves of wild garlic.

Who can not eat garlic
To use wild garlic is forbidden to people who suffer from ulcers, acute inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract and kidney disease. In addition, it is not recommended to use pregnant women and patients with epilepsy.

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