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Why doctors forbid to mix cucumbers and tomatoes

Почему медики запрещают смешивать огурцы и помидорыThe most popular combination proved to be hazardous to health.

When it comes to salad, come to mind thousands of combinations. People around the world eat different kinds of salads, but there are certain ingredients that should not mix..

You’d be surprised, but the most popular combination of vegetables, tomatoes and cucumbers, in fact, can be potentially dangerous for the body. Thought vegetables just can not be mistaken? Scientists proved the opposite.

Why not combine cucumbers and tomatoes in the salad?

The main reason why doctors forbid it to do is the fact that these vegetables have different times of digestion and assimilation.

In Ayurvedic medicine, a combination of products, you need to know the time after which they are assimilated, otherwise the product will be digested faster and the other will remain in the stomach, which may cause damage to health and body.

Moreover, if you combine this type of food can slow down the process of absorption of nutrients and sugars. Thus, the consumption of foods in a certain combination will not give you get their full benefit. Moreover, you will feel bloating, nausea, sweating, and digestive problems.

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