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What will happen to the Earth for 1 billion years

Что будет происходить с Землей в течение 1 миллиарда летAfter 50 thousand years there will come a new ice age.

The history of mankind has not much time when compared with the cosmic scale. And while human history is full of such dramas as war or disasters space disaster your going through hundreds of thousands of years.

YouTube channel RealLifeLore released a video which contains the description of the events that will occur the next billion years with the Earth and some of the factors associated with it.

So, after 8 thousand years with the software a possible problem of ten thousand years, when to represent the year numbers will be used 5 digits, not 4. Adding 1 more numbers can be called a problem.

The problem arose in the twentieth century, when some also foresaw something like this for 2000 years. But while the problem of ten thousand years is an entertaining and highly theoretical, although it is possible that some parts of the codes will be able to “survive” to such a round age. For example, at the bottom, in the photo, the computer that “couldn’t” go into the new Millennium. Is 2008 the year 1908.

After 50 thousand years there will come a new glacial period, and will disappear Niagara falls. Within 500 thousand years the Earth will likely collide with a large asteroid with a diameter of one kilometer, and for half a million years there will be a SUPERVOLCANO eruption. At that time, the star Betelgeuse will become a supernova.

In 50 million years Phobos will fall on the surface of Mars, and in a hundred million years our planet will crash into the asteroid with a diameter of more than 10 kilometers. And Saturn is already completely lose rings.

In the period of 400-500 million years, there will likely be powerful gamma-ray burst that could destroy the Earth’s ozone layer. The sun will become brighter, leading to climate change. The level of carbon dioxide drastically reduced, with the result that photosynthesis would be impossible. Finally, after a billion years the Earth’s oceans will disappear, due to the powerful greenhouse effect.

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