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“Breathe, the earth burns, there are already the victim”

Sought asylum in Canada, the inhabitants of Kuzbass misleading about “the land of fire” — burning coal Residents of the Kuzbass city of Kiselevsk, sought asylum in Canada because of unbearable living conditions, reported numerous underground fires that began to occur near coal mines surrounding the town. According to them, …

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Space truck Dragon successfully returned to Earth

The American cargo spacecraft Dragon Cargo splashed down safely in the Pacific ocean, according to the company SpaceX.   On the eve of the Dragon undocked from the ISS and went to the Ground. Splashdown occurred in the planned area of the Pacific ocean, 326 km southwest of the city …

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Earth faces the sixth extinction

Due to the depletion of land decreased their fertility at a quarter of the planet. As the alarm on the future of the planet sounds the report of the intergovernmental science-policy platform on biodiversity and ecosystems (IPBES). Humanity has reached the sad record of our activities threatened animals and plants …

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The Earth was a powerful magnetic storm

Storm fifth points are extremely rare. On planet Earth was the largest magnetic storm in the last two years. Scientist connects natural phenomenon with the increased activity of the Sun. Bogachev noted that the magnetic storm has the third level on a scale. “Storm fifth points are extremely rare, once …

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In the Earth’s atmosphere found record pollution

Record the contamination was was may 11. For the first time in human history the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere reached 415,26 ppm (parts per million). Record the contamination was registered on 11 may, scientists from the Scripps institution of Oceanography in San Diego. The average rate …

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The earth collided with a comet 13,000 years ago

This mini ice age known as the younger Dryas. The researchers translated the famous ancient symbols in the Turkish temple, and they tell the story of the devastating collision with a comet more than 13,000 years ago. Check this event with the help of a computer simulation of the Solar …

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