Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Decline of US provides a chance to reshape international law, but this can’t happen while West always sees Russia as ‘the bad guy’

International law is largely a reflection of power. Great powers accept international law that limits their foreign policy flexibility if they get reciprocity and predictability in return. In an international system with several great powers balancing each other, international law will lean towards sovereignty and peace by constraints on the …

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The decree trump: what will happen with social networks

After a quarrel with the Twitter platform, positivley publish it as “invalid”, the US President, Donald trump has signed a decree on the regulation of social networks. According to the document, the platform engaged in political censorship, are stripped of their immunity and can be closed. The Twitter called the …

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The ruble collapsed. What will happen to prices?

The inflation shock from the beginning of the devaluation of the national currency will be even higher than one would expect. Because of the situation on the currency market, the economic development Ministry does not rule out acceleration of inflation in March. How does this affect the prices in the …

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