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What vitamins lacking in the body in early summer

Каких витаминов не хватает организму в начале летаIt’s time to recharge your vitamins.

To questions about the sources of vitamins in the period when the body is painfully lacking them told honored doctor of Ukraine, Professor of the Department of gastroenterology, nutrition and endoscopy of national medical Academy im. P. L. Shupik Galina Anokhin.

“When you do not have enough vitamins – eat adjika”

– That all said, eat raw vegetables and you will be happy. And that in the period when the artificial vegetables – tomatoes from the supermarket generally do not smell anything. What foods to lean in the spring and ranelate period?

– First of all, happiness is not from the fruit. Happiness is a neurotransmitter (Neurotransmitters are biologically active chemicals that carry impulses from neurons throughout the muscular system – approx. Ed. ) is a dopamine, serotonin Is a completely other mechanisms that have nothing to do with vegetables and fruits.

A good source of vitamins at this time are lemons and kiwi. Also cabbage and potatoes. However, they also decreases the amount of vitamin C. But in this case of potatoes it is necessary to squeeze the juice.

But no matter how much we wanted, modern man is in a state of deficiency. Even if he eats a variety of foods, and ideally organic. To provide your body with the necessary vitamins, you need to the caloric intake was about 5000 Kcal/day for normal 2500-2000 Calories per day. Such a diet is always deficient in 30-50% of the vitamins. Worldwide this question is solved by the method of vitamin-mineral complexes. If we take the Ukraine, in the spring we are very deficient in vitamin C, so starting from November and until mid-summer need to consume vitamin C.

What vitamins are we deficient?

– We are very deficient in vitamin D3. We have a few UV rays – this vitamin is synthesized in the skin from cholesterol. In addition, modern man is very much in the room, even in summer: all sit in offices and not enough time outdoors. Vitamin D3 is in solution and a vitamin, which is necessary for the autumn-winter period in small doses 2-3 times a week to eat.

The b vitamins If one eats enough meat and liver he can not worry, they are provided with foods of animal origin.

Carotenoids is tomatoes, carrots. They are fairly well retained during heat treatment. And of course, a good source of carotenoids is adjika. There rises – carrots, peppers, tomatoes. So make the sauce more, and add it to the food.

That there was no shortage of retinol is vitamin A, which is found in animal products, and to avoid deficiency of vitamin E – you need to eat good fat, for example, sour cream, cream, butter, eggs, cod liver. Also corn oil, nuts, seeds. Then you will be able to provide the body with fat soluble vitamins.

“Vitamins do not present themselves at his presence, and his absence”

– There are different opinions about multivitamins. Some say that their reception does not play any role. Still, they are useful, help?

– That means it’s working or not, it’s not drugs! Vitamins do not present themselves with their presence and their absence. Therefore, if your body is well provided with vitamins, you will have normal hair, skin, no neurosis. There are no manifestations of Hypo – or avitaminosis. What vitamins are good proven history of discovery of vitamins. For example, in the XVIII century it was estimated that among sailors in the British Navy of thousands died from vitamin C deficiency (scurvy) 800 people, and from the hostilities of only 200.

-And if you use home-grown fruit who spent last summer in the freezer, would that help?

– Will help. I would advise you to freeze the right berries and vegetables, those that are most rich in vitamins. Naturally, the freezing of the vitamins will be lost, but part will remain. Very good in this sense, wild berries: blueberries, raspberries, cherries. Too bad they saved a certain amount of vitamins and antioxidants.

Vegetables can freeze sweet peppers – he is a leader among vitamin C, contains lots of carotenoids.

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