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What to do when the concussion first

Что делать при сотрясении мозга: первая помощьA concussion is the most common head injury.

A concussion is not the most terrible head injury, but the consequences can be serious: a few weeks of nausea, dizziness and irritability. And that’s good, because a concussion can disguise more serious problem, experts say.

Concussion — sudden transient disruption of the functions of the brain. Typically, a concussion occurs after a blow to the head or a fall. Sometimes there is no external sign of trauma, no bumps, no bruises, no wounds. A concussion is.

Symptoms of concussion can show up immediately after injury. It may take a few weeks and begin to have a headache, dizziness, and you will understand why.

Due to injury disrupted reticular activating system. This system is responsible for consciousness, regulates sleep and awakening, helps to distinguish the necessary information from the General noise.

When the brain because of the impact temporarily changes the usual situation, there are disturbances in the electrical activity of nerve cells forming the reticular activating system.

Symptoms of a concussion.

When to seek help
After a head injury the person should see a doctor. Even if there is no visible damage to the skull, the brain can be severely impaired. A doctor must exclude hemorrhage or brain swelling (this is more complex the trauma).

It is impossible to diagnose “a concussion” and to think that everything will pass.

The symptoms of a concussion fall into several categories because the condition affects almost the entire body.

The symptoms of concussion of the brain from the thinking and memory
The man lost consciousness for a few seconds or minutes.

Can’t remember what happened to him and that was immediately after the injury.

Lethargic, slow to answer questions, does not understand what he was saying.

Can not concentrate.

Can barely read or write.

Cannot remember new information.

Symptoms of concussion from the overall condition of the body

Blurred vision before your eyes fly fly, image ghosting and blurs.

Nausea and vomiting.


Sensitivity to bright light and noise.

Problems with balance, shaky gait.

Drowsiness or, conversely, insomnia.

The symptoms of concussion from …
Unexplained irritability.


Emotionalism: the man, quickly changing mood.

Fatigue, lack of energy.

Notice the injury to the child if his behavior has changed: the baby does not respond to external stimuli, unable to concentrate, cranky, crying, refuses food and water.

If a person is sick, he can’t stay awake, falls asleep, doesn’t answer questions, don’t try to take him to the hospital yourself, call an ambulance.

If the injury was drunk or taking tranquilizers people, it is necessary to take to the emergency room because the symptoms of concussion in such a situation is easily missed.

What to do while you are waiting for doctors
Apply for 20 minutes to the site of the injury a cold compress to reduce swelling. Wrap a bag of frozen vegetables with a towel — this is the fastest way to make ice.

Lay the person on his side, bend his legs, put one hand under his head, the other arm is also bend in the elbow. Provision should be resistant to people accidentally rolled over on her back, if you turn off consciousness.

Don’t let drugs.

Important! If someone is unconscious, then the default assumption is that he has severe trauma to the head or neck. Do not shake, do not turn or move the person. Call for an ambulance.

Signs of complications of concussion
Head injuries are insidious because the symptoms may not be immediately apparent. Even if a person with a concussion and sent home from the emergency room, be sure to call an ambulance in these cases:

Headache persists and is growing.

Rolls fatigue, disturbed coordination.

Repeated vomiting.

Speech becomes slurred.

One pupil becomes larger than the other.

Man can’t Wake up.

How to treat a concussion
There are three degrees of severity of concussion. When mild can be treated at home but moderate and severe means that you need to lie in hospital.

Person with a concussion can’t be left alone for two days, because at this time may appear complications.

The main principle of treatment is rest. After the injury you need to rest more and not to worry. The patient can not read, watch TV, play computer games. You can listen to music, but no headphones.

Back to work only when a full recovery.

Also have to wait for the cure to get behind the wheel of a car or ride a bike. Contact sport — after permission of the attending physician.

Full recovery will take from three months to six months.

How to protect yourself from a concussion
The shaking happens most often in children aged 5 to 14 years. Cause of injury — sport and Cycling.

Adults earn a concussion in an accident and falls. Also it’s a common injury among athletes, especially if extreme or contact sports (Boxing, Rugby).

Do not have to fall yourself to earn a concussion.

Enough to catch the head something heavier than a soccer ball.

It seems that accident no one is immune. But conventional security measures to reduce the chances of getting to know the head with a concussion. What to do?

Always wear protective equipment during sports. Even if you just ride a bike, wear a helmet.

On the bike — only helmet.

Any contact sport (Boxing, Rugby, hockey) practice only under the supervision of a professional trainer.

Always wear your seat belt.

Do not clutter the stairs and clear the steps of snow.

To change a light bulb, use of sustainable supports.

Always immediately wipe up puddles on the floor. Don’t wait for someone to slip up.

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