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What plants pose a risk to health

Какие комнатные растения создают опасность для здоровьяThese plants are able to harm our body.

Some of the plants can influence us in adverse effects, in terms of energy or danger to health.

Everyone knows that if you spend a night in the room where there is a bouquet of flowers, exuding a strong fragrance, then in the morning head ache. Have a strong smell and flowers for example Lily or geranium. Lilies, like humans, inhale oxygen and emit into the atmosphere carbon dioxide. And the scent of the geranium causes not only headaches, but often an allergic reaction.
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Poisonous plants

Many houseplants are very beautiful – it’s hard to resist the desire to plant them at home. However, unless you chew the leaves or drink the juice from the stalk, the danger you are likely not in danger. But if you have small children or animals, it is better to abstain.

One of these plants – dieffenbachia. It has huge yellow-green leaves that form a fluffy crown. But if you cut into the leaves or stem, will stand out a poisonous juice. Once in the body, it will cause severe poisoning. It also causes burns and irritation on the skin.

Oleander is popular due to its spectacular bright crimson flowers. Meanwhile, the juice of the oleander when ingested causes blindness, and it fosters the dizziness and poor health in General.

In the stem and leaves of milkweed contains a white SAP that causes burns and skin irritation, and ingestion – poisoning.

Azalea blossoms to its lush variety of colors: white, pink, red, yellow. There are a variety of the Indian Azalea, the leaves of which, when ingested, can cause intestinal colic and cramps.

Juice monster is also able to burn the skin. And he causes an upset digestive system. If the juice monster gets into the eye, it can severely hurt them.

The primrose blossoms very beautifull and it has an attractive velvety leaves, but at flowering time a plant produces toxic substances causing nausea and dizziness. Also the leaves of primroses covered with fibers, contact with which causes burning of the skin and allergies.

Nightshade is an evergreen shrub with bright orange fruits that attract. Meanwhile, they are very poisonous, and eating them can cause severe poisoning.

Plants with poor energy

It is believed that among plants, as among people, there are “vampires” that consume energy.

For example, there is a myth that cacti “discourage” suitors. The reason women “cactuses” loneliness may be the spines. A woman and her home are associated in men with something prickly and sharp.

Ivy is also called “nugegoda”. He survives of the home men. If you are married or want to find a mate, you will never plant ivy – the man of the house will not stay! But if you want, for example, to an adult son finally made a life separate from you, on the contrary, bring on the ivy. The same advice to those who wants to get rid of ex-husbands, which did not manage to disperse, or annoying neighbors in the communal apartment. Under the influence of ivy men, rather, will go live on the side, or dare to changing flats.

Tsiperus ocherednolistny has a great aura, in need of constant nourishment. Fueled, unfortunately, by the energy of living creatures, including people, so in residential areas it is better not to put – will be hurt.

Orchids have become famous as “the stealers of energy.” These plants are recommended to grow in greenhouses, and not at home. In no event it is impossible to arrange them in the bedroom, as was most intense orchids absorb energy at night and before dawn. Contact with orchids strongly contraindicated for people weak in spirit and body.

One conclusion: before you bring home a plant, first find out about him everything that only possible, and then make a decision whether to settle such a “tenant” in your home.

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