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Unusual facts from the life of introverts

Необычные факты из жизни интровертовThe experts shared the unusual moments in the lives of lonely people.

Very often people have stereotypes about any of these things or people. This is particularly what often say.

One of the most common myths about introverts is that they are extremely shy and closed in itself. However, in reality, they are not used to say then. when you have nothing to say.

Also often say that introverts are shy. However, in reality, they just need a significant reason to start communicating with the person.

An interesting view is about that. that introverts like being alone. Indeed, such people like a long time to think, to dream, however they are willing to trust and communicate with others. Most often they have only one person with whom they are completely honest.

Another common myth is the view that, over time, introverts can become extroverts. However, in reality this is not happening. You should appreciate introverts, because they constitute a significant part of major artists.

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