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Ukrainians advised how to preserve health when a sharp warming in the winter

Украинцам посоветовали, как сберечь здоровье при резком потеплении зимойDoctors told what to do, when the winter is warming dramatically, in order to feel good.

On the first day of winter in some regions of Ukraine sharply became warmer, and this adversely affects the health not only of people from risk groups, but also quite healthy and even really young Ukrainians. The thing in the race, air temperature and atmospheric pressure, to withstand these phenomena can not everyone.

The doctors shared the recommendations that will help to move the warming in the winter without losses in health:

1. Follow the usual routine. It is not necessary to think and plan for anything new that might add stress to your body. If you know that the dramatically warmer, try to avoid prolonged stay in the street, especially when you’re used for most of the day to be in the room.

2. Your medications carry. You have hypertension, the core or the woman in an interesting position? Then you need to monitor your health and the need to take medication prescribed by your doctor.

3. Do not load yourself with exercise. Venturing General cleaning or increase the load in the gym in the days when the winter warmed sharply, not worth it. It is fraught with consequences. Better either to do nothing or to act as usual.

4. Alcohol – no. Regardless, you are young or old, to drink alcohol if rapid change in temperature is very dangerous for health and life. When the weather breaks – you can relax.

5. Refrain from physical treatments, such as bathing or dousing with cold water, and if you didn’t do it every day. After warming sub-zero temperatures is a stress on the body and similar physiotherapy – an extra stress which could worsen the situation.

When feeling unwell is troubling is not the first day and no methods do not help to improve it, you need to turn to a local therapist. Perhaps the warming was the cause of the exacerbation of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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