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Ufologists found on Mars interesting discovery

Уфологи обнаружили на Марсе интересную находкуOn Mars, found the entrance to the base aliens

Ufologists made a interesting discovery – a base of aliens on the territory of Mars. However, experts have stated that earlier photo, showing such facts are only the invention of Photoshop.

What concerns the last captured images, they are, according to ufologists, no doubt reflect the reality. Photos were taken using modern camera HIRISE. We can also see a kind of hole on the surface of the red Planet.

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At this point among the experts of different directions, there is a dispute regarding the origin and purpose of the hole. By the way, astrophysicists have taken the opposite position and claim that a strange object is only the crater of the volcano. According to these scholars, such instances on Mars you can find thousands.

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Whatever it was, officially, the version of the underground entrance of aliens, scientists have not confirmed. Moreover, the idea of photo editing of old photographs of the Martian surface, which were discussed above, are also denied.

Уфологи обнаружили на Марсе интересную находку

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