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Ufologists have shown another building built by aliens

Conspiracy theorists found on Ceres something similar on the wall. Recently the dwarf planet Ceres, located between Mars and Jupiter, focused attention. Recently, ufologists, considered images NASA, found there a wall which is supposedly built by aliens millions of years ago. After research in the astrophysical community, the idea of …

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Ufologists found in images of Mars “Cannonball”. Photo

In order to prove his innocence, ufologist, writes that a perfect sphere could not form on the planet. Lovers of conspiracy theories was again fully armed, ready to blame NASA of concealing important findings. However, scientists clearly mess.Earlier on Mars was found supposedly the arms and body of the President …

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Ufologists have created a map of “favorite” places UFO

In 2017 was almost 84 thousand inexplicable appearances of unidentified objects The Network was discovered an interactive map of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects created by the conspiracy theorists. The project is called UFO Stalker maps the point with explanations when it was visible the object, and comments of …

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Ufologists found on the surface of Jupiter UFO unusual form

The object has sivaramakrishna form. On Jupiter ufologists found cigar-shaped UFO. The object was on IO, one of the Galilean moons. The picture was taken in 2000 by the spacecraft Galileo. Astronomers were interested in the slope of the satellite, but luckily, the camera lens hit another object. The object …

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Ufologists predict a planet of another “end of the world”

Ufologists came to a disturbing conclusion. In the last months of 2017 humanity will have to endure at least four “extraordinary situation” that could lead to the end of the world. To this disturbing conclusion was reached by British scientists ufologists and conspiracy theorists analyse the motion of asteroids, solar …

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